Tournament Info

The heart of football beats in Buenos Aires. This is your opportunity to play in the inaugural Buenos Aires Cup tournament against teams from South America and the rest of the world. We believe in bringing together players of the world to unite in their love of the beautiful game.

Although we began organizing BA Cup in 2009, it was not until 2011 did the first tournament take place. In our inaugural year, we hosted 50 teams who represented 10 different countries including Argentina, Colombia, Chile, the United States, England, Canada, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, and Sweden.

We are proud to be the most international amateur youth tournament in South America, and the first international youth and adult football tournament in Buenos Aires to host teams from five continents.

This year’s tournament will take place June 22-28, 2012.

Interested in learning more about BA Cup? Register for pre-application and we will send you detailed information to review and share with your team. By registering, you will be put in touch with one of our tournament directors who will answer any questions you might have.

Important dates

March 1 (2011): Online pre-registration for 2011 opens.

May 1 (2011) Registration opens. To guarantee your place in the tournament please pay your non’refundable $300 (US) team fee. When we receive your team fee we confirm your place in the tournament.

December 31 (2011): Early bird special discount expires for Package price

February 28 (2012): Registation deadline, $300 deposit must be received

April 15 (2012): Final date for player participation and accomodation fees.

June 15 (2012): Final date to cancel a player, after that a doctors certificate is required.

July 23 (2012): Arrival day and check-in, Leaders meeting, no matches played

July 22 (2012): Kick-off ceremony – tournament begins

July 28 (2012): Cup Finals

Teams & Categories

Men’s Open Men born before 1-Jan-93 Women’s Open  Women born before 1-Jan-93
B18 Boys born 1-Jan-93 and later G16  Girls born 1-Jan-95 and later
B16 Boys born 1-Jan-95 and later
B15 Boys born 1-Jan-96 and later
B14 Boys born 1-Jan-97 and later
B13 Boys born 1-Jan-98 and later

•Teams from countries that still use the 1st of August limit (mainly USA and UK) may also use players 5 months over aged.


Each team may have an unlimited number of registered players listed on their rosters, however only five match substitutes per team are allowed each match. All players must be able to show proof of age and identity.

A player may participate in two categories as long they keep to age-limit regulations. The player is required to register for both teams, however the teams may not be within the same category. Girls may play with boy’s teams in categories B11-16.

Number of teams in the tournament

Although we would like to welcome every club to BA Cup, teams who pay their entry fees first will be given registration priority.


Dispensations will be given to two players per team who are maximum one year over aged. Any player can participate in two categories, as long as the age limit is kept. This requires that they are listed on the team list for both teams. Players may not play for more than one team in the same category. Girls may play in boys teams in class B11-16.Players must be able to show valid ID.



In the preliminary rounds, teams are divided into groups of four or five teams, playing in a round-robin style bracket. The play-off round will be a knock-out basis.

The first and second ranked teams from the top half of the brackets rounds will play in Playoff A, while the first and second ranked teams from the lower brackets will play in Playoff B. The semi-final and final rounds will be played on the final Saturday.

Match length

Open, B18, B16, B15, G19, G15 categories Qualifying round and play-off B: 2 x 25 mintue halfs.

Play-off A and final : 2 x 30 minute halfs.

Other categories:

Qualifying round and play-off B: 2 x 20 mintue halfs.

Play-off A: 2 x 25 minute halfs.

Terms & Conditions

Entry & Payments

Please register online. Your confirmation of registration notification will include payment processing details. The team fee together with the completed application form must be received by Buenos Aires Cup no later than April 15, 2011. Refunds of accommodation fees can only be made if we receive your withdrawal notice before April 15, 2011. The team fee can not be refunded. Please note that we do not accept any personal or company cheques.


All participants must carry their own insurance. Buenos Aires Cup does not carry any group insurance, and is not responsible for, protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property.


Buenos Aires Cup provides shuttle buses from your hotel accommodations to all matches to teams who sign up for the ‘Total Package’ or ‘Transport package’.

Forfeits & Nonattendance

If a team forfeits a match, the opposing team is not entitled to remuneration.  There will be no financial compensation to teams that miss games because of another team’s non-attendance. All teams who forfeit will have the game scored as a 0-1 loss.


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